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Fast, Professional Fence Installation

We strive to provide customers with a custom fencing solution that works for them.

Temporary Construction Fencing

Keep your job site secure for the 
duration of your project.

Crowd Control Barricades

For events, movie sets, traffic control 
and more, quickly customize a durable, 
portable setup.

Chain Link Fencing

We offer temporary and long-term fencing solutions, with additional options and
 add-on features for security and privacy.

The Right Solution

fast and simple

Our customer-focused service, quick response time, and ability to provide emergency 24-hour temporary fence installation allow us to meet your fencing needs with minimum stress and hassle.

Our offerings include temporary fences, construction fences, traffic barricades, and custom windscreens—everything you need to protect your construction site or event site. We’re locally owned and operated in the Atlanta area, so you can count on personal attention and owner accountability.

Our Services

custom fencing for your needs

Barriers help keep your construction sites secure and orderly. We offer all types of barricades in a variety of materials, everything from pedestrian control fencing to water-filled barricades.

Event Solutions

Crowd Control Barricades are portable, while also being durable and sturdy, so we can configure the optimal custom set-up for your event.

Emergency Fencing

We have 24/7 emergency fencing available to support your needs in case of fire, natural disaster, or any other unanticipated situation.
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I have dealt with Southern Construction Fence Co. for seven years and have always found them to be dependable and on time. I have requested that work be done at all different times of the day and weekends and they have not let me down. They do 100% of my temporary construction fencing in Atlanta and have always met my schedule.

Bill Toll

Empire Communities