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chain link
fencing solutions

In addition to temporary fencing, Southern Construction Fence offers high-quality permanent chain link solutions. Our experienced crews can permanently install galvanized steel or vinyl-coated chain link fencing to meet your specifications. Please give us a call to discuss our offerings.


Barbed Wire

Our high-quality barbed wire will add another layer of security to your job site. Barbed wire affixed to fence panels or post-in-ground chain link is a tremendous barrier and deterrent to unauthorized access to your property.

Tension Wire

Tension wire can be used to strengthen our temporary fencing against forced entry
and to provide added protection against
severe weather.

Top Rail

Top rail can be installed to strengthen post-in-ground fencing, while also adding an appealing finished appearance. Top rail provides added stability to prevent sagging
and reduce everyday wear and tear.


Temporary Construction Fencing
Chain link fence panels provide the ultimate solution in temporary fencing. Their ease of installation and portable nature makes them extremely maneuverable and able to fit in many places where more traditional post-in-ground chain link cannot easily be installed.
Crowd Control Barricades

Southern Construction Fence’s Crowd Control Barricades are portable so we can easily customize your setup to fit your needs, but durable enough to withstand harsh weather and rough treatment from unruly crowds.


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