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Temporary Job Site Fencing

It is important to keep your job site or restricted areas secure from unauthorized visitors. Southern Construction Fence Company can handle all your temporary job site and construction fencing needs.

Simple Solutions

to secure your site
We have over a decade of experience providing top quality fencing solutions in the Southeast. Our highly trained crews will safely and quickly assemble fencing when your project requires it, then remove
 your temporary fencing at the completion of your job.

Chain Link

post driven
in-ground fencing

If your project is large and requires security for a long 
period of time, our Post-in-Ground Chain Link Fence is the perfect solution.


Southern Construction Fence offers a variety of styles to meet your custom Windscreen needs. Custom sizes, colors, logos, and graphics are available to build excitement and anticipation for your project, even before construction is completed.


Tree Protection Fencing
Tree Protection Fencing is a solution for marking or identifying areas where trees or landscaping are not to be damaged during
a construction phase. We meet the requirements set forth by
the City of Atlanta for tree protection fencing and can provide your site with the necessary protective barriers to keep you
in compliance.
Emergency Fencing

The last thing you need in an emergency situation is additional stress. Let our experienced emergency crew handle all your urgent fencing and barrier needs. With one phone call, we will have a solution in place and installed for you within 24 hours so you can rest assured that your site is secure.
Safety and security are our top priority at Southern Construction Fence. By utilizing our crane enclosures, you can rest assured
that only qualified operators will have access to this expensive equipment.

When it comes to guiding traffic through construction zones, water-filled barricades are some of the best solutions on the market. Light during transport, yet very sturdy once installed, these versatile plastic barricades are some of the most recognizable fencing solutions in use.


Site security is paramount, but site access for approved workers and vehicles is just as important. We offer a range of gate options, sizes
and styles. If you are not sure which gates you will need, feel free to
give us a call and one of our expert installers will be happy to help.
Disorganized space is wasted space. Wasted space is wasted money. Southern Construction Fence offers Warehouse Organization solutions that allow owners to maximize their square footage, clearly define multiple tenant areas, and add a layer of interior security. Our chain link panels can be utilized in interior applications as well as our welded posts, which are bolted directly into the concrete floor.


Barbed Wire

Our high-quality barbed wire will add another layer of security to your job site. Barbed wire affixed to fence panels or post-in-ground chain link is a tremendous barrier and deterrent to unauthorized access to your property.

Tension Wire

Tension wire can be used to strengthen our temporary fencing against forced entry
and to provide added protection against
severe weather.

Top Rail
Top rail can be installed to strengthen post-in-ground fencing, while also adding an appealing finished appearance. Top rail provides added stability to prevent sagging
and reduce everyday wear and tear.


of our work