When it comes to guiding traffic through construction zones, water filled barricades are some of the best solutions on the market. Light during transport and sturdy as can be once installed, these versatile plastic barricades are some of the most recognizable temporary fencing solutions in use. At Southern Construction Fence we supply the best water filled barricades and deliver them right to your construction site. Set up, installed, and ready to go so that you and your crew can focus on the job at hand.

The water filled barricades we provide are top of the line. Made of ultra thick heavy-duty plastic and up to the task, these barriers are perfect for directing traffic to a safe route of travel. Each unit is thoroughly inspected before shipping out to a job site. If any unit within a water filled barricade array becomes damaged or begins to leak it is replaced immediately, free of charge. We stand by our dedication to safety and professionalism, a trait that we believe has helped us become one of the Southeast’s leading construction fencing companies.